Simpin’ Ain’t Easy: Featuring Kanye West

Written by on November 3, 2011

Ok, you the Louie Vuitton Don! Can probably have the baddest model,chick, hoodrat, queen, girl next door, whatever you want. The choice is yours. Why would you get caught out there simpin? Yeah Amber Rose was your girl, we know that. And you just may love her, no problem there. BUT you know she with someone else. Why you simpin?

Wiz Khalifa is winning right now Ye. Don’t let him. You up on stage making this situation into some soap opera triangle love type foolishness. Don’t do it B!! That boat has left the dock. Amber Rose has moved on. It’s clear to all of us, you haven’t. Ease up G!!! What if Andre 3000 was up on stage saying “Texas, I like to thank y’all for making Badu!! I really miss her. So here is my next song….. Sorry Ms. Jackson!”… when he knew damn well she was making her Sense with Common!!!

In a few years when you sit down to make the tell-all-book, then you can have a chapter dedicated to Amber Rose. You can tell us how good it was, and what you missed about it. But to do it know. Not a good look. Let it go. Move on and get you a badder chick!! Amber is now Wiz’s boo.

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