It Must Be The Shoes, Cause It Ain’t Yo Face….

Written by on September 14, 2011

And baby, don’t forget the pumps!!! -Mike Biv.

The only thing better than a woman in a mean pair of shoes, is a beautiful woman in a mean pair of shoes. As far as I am concerned, a lady that has on a nice shoe can go from 0-7.5 just by the shoe alone! I’ll damn near try to imagine the lady fine if she has that mean shoe game in effect. If she has on killer shoes, she can be standing in front of me short of rollers in her hair and it won’t matter. The whole time I am thinking, “that’s a nice shoe!”

And not your average shoe, I am speaking of that mean shoe game. Not those little $2 flip flop swimming specials or those Roman gladiator kick up dust joints. Those don’t do a thing for me, and I am willing to bet your man isn’t to thrilled about those either. I am hyping up the type of shoe that has other women looking like “DAMN! Where she get those from!” The neck breaking shoe game. It can be a heel, a boot, a flat, a sandal it don’t matter to me. If the shoe is fantastic, she has my attention. At least from the ankle to the kneecap.

One of the first things I look at when I meet a lady is her kicks. Just what type of shoes is she working with? When I was still young in the game, a friend at GSU (Grambling State University, I thought you knew??) told me you can tell a lot by the shoes a lady has on. A woman can hide a lot behind her clothes, but the shoes don’t lie! And from that point on I decided to peep game on the shoes. And holmes never lied, and the shoes don’t either.

She-Moguls if you have that A+ shoe game in effect, drinks are on me at your next social gathering. Just go to the bar, order what you want and tell them to put it on Danny P’s tab! I got you! I appreciate all you do!!

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