Morning Waffles: The Aaliyah Suite

Written by on August 25, 2011


If you were to know me in the 90’s then you would have known I loved me some Aaliyah. She was Daily Fresh before fresh was Daily! She was Janet Jackson if Janet didn’t grow up in the Jackson household and was born about 10 years later. The aura that surrounded her was one of cool. And since I consider myself cool, I recognized it. Cool recognizes cool and Babygirl looked familiar.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of her untimely passing. And I can say for once it seems like it has been 20 years since I saw her, which is strange for me. Usually years fly by like weeks for me and I look up and mad time has passed. But certain things don’t feel like yesterday, for example my Grandmother passing seems like a lifetime ago. Big and Pac and my days at GSU seems like a lifetime ago. However, things like high-school seems like yesterday. Jordan hitting his last shot with the Bulls seems like yesterday. Ninja’s wearing S-Curls and starter jackets seems like yesterday. Follow my train of thought here? Things that are irreplaceable  will have you missing every moment they are gone.

So today in the midst of all the tributes, I will toss a waffle into the cosmos and think of a time when an Angel played on stereo.





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