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Written by on August 23, 2011

Wats good partay peopo?!? T Stylz here to let you into the mind of a hiphop music lover, an educational advocate, ignorance detector, & a bullshit fighter. Imma be promotin’ GrownAssManisms in the form of editorials, music reviews, or just random thoughts. Word up to UML for providin’ the platform. Lessgo! It’s been a long time but Tommy Stylz is in the buildin’. After runnin away from the urban life & movin to the burbs, I have come to my senses & realized that burb life was WACKINNABITCH & I shoulda kept my ass in the hood. With that bein said, I din seen alotta crazy thangs since I din returned to the glorious urban life. For example, in my 6-7 year hiatus from the hood I ain’t never seen a single gheri curl…well now the gheri curl slump has come to an abrubt hault. I recently witnessed, in 2011, one of the most juiciest curls I’ve ever seen…well, since 1984!! This dude looked like he juuuuust took his rollers out! I mean his joints was tighterdinnamugg!! Shit was all glisteny & drippin’…but it wasn’t drippin’, knowatahmsayin? His chemical lock was on 10!! Wasn’t no juice drippin’ but it looked like it was ’bout to. The sun was straight refractin’ light off his curly locks & was blindin’ me. Dudes joint looked like HE was the cat on the Care Free Curl Jet Magazine advertisements. If he was able to shake any of the juice loose from that chemical restraint & shook his head over one of dem black ass skillets dat yo grandmama used to throw down with, she coulda deep fried a batch of poke chops & some fries from the activator/moisturizer combo he was rockin!
Either curls are makin’ a surprise return, there’s a small community of diehard curl rockets who never let go, or somebody is performin’ underground “ghericurlostomies.” Next time you see a curl…slap that fool! Nonetheless, I love the hood for the variety of observations I be…observin’ & I can’t wait to share um wit chall.

I’m listenin’ to The Game’s new CD right now…I hope it’s better than that “Watch the Throne” garbage aka “Electric Circus II.” Check me out next time when I post my review…AnnAhmOut!!!

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  1. Osaze360   On   August 26, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    Cuzzo, keep me in the loop! Bein’ a GrownAssMan means full-time Daddy duty (doody), so I need to stay in touch with real headz any way possible. The Madd ni@@a got me writin’ rhymes for a full-on re-Renaissance, without the jheri curls, tho. Keep it 101 (for the underclassmen out there.) Holla this weekend; tryin’ to enjoy my last few moments of freedom between Labor Marches, anti KKK rallies (it’s 2011, Sun!!!), and playing chauffeur to some unappreciative l’il yella gals. One.


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