Tavis Smiley x Cornel West Is Getting On My Nerves About Now

Written by on August 11, 2011

What is really up with Tavis Smiley? Can someone please tell me what is up with the brother. For whatever reason he is still bashing President Obama whenever someone puts a camera in his face. And now he has brought along his good friend Cornel West to tag along.

The main question I have is why are these two showing out in such a fashion? It’s almost as if Obama pissed in their grits or something. I am willing to bet that these two cats are being paid off by someone. Not saying that African American all have to agree with everything the President does, but Tavis has been on Barack since day 1. On some Uncle Tom foolery type mess. Lames like this you can see coming down the street. I am shocked by Mr. West though. I was a big fan of his, but playing along with Tavis is making him look lame also.

Steve Harvey is on to their little song and dance also. He recently took to the airwaves to expose these two on his radio show.

I agree with everything that Steve Harvey has to say about these brothers. Tavis Smiley is a bitter man that has a hidden agenda. What you think Moguls?

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  1. smack   On   August 12, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    I disagree black folks vote pay taxes and serve in our milatary and currently at 17% unemployment this is an emergency our agenda is this nations agenda this is the first time we have an ally in the white house and we should be in Obamas’ ear like any other disatstisfied constituient if not him who? Rick perry? Michelle Bachmann? I want him to succeed but we cant just want him to serve a second term if the black nation continues to get the short end of the stick

What ya think??

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