Pushing Rhymes Like Weight: How Watch The Throne Brought Excitement Back To Music

Written by on August 8, 2011

Unless your internets have been down for the last month or so, you know about a certain album that dropped early this morning. The Jay-Z x Kanye West epic finally hit cyberspace at midnight, to a herd of hungry downloaders just waiting for the gate to open. And from early guess-timates, The Throne should do big numbers. And you all know that imitation is the best form of flattery, so if they move major units you can expect major artist coping their steez for months to come.

iTunes Exclusive

First and foremost the album went straight to iTunes exclusively to avoid leaks.  Which left a many independent record stores upset, but even they must admit it was successful. Leaks did not spring until after iTunes made the download available which is rare. Most albums these days leak a full 2 weeks ahead of time, which may or may not effect sales that is debatable. But in the land of fickle hip hop fans, if an album drops that early by the time it hits stores it is already old news. Old bananas. But these cats were able to cross out the record stores and just do the digital move, which in-turn created a release frenzy. Know how savvy downloaders checked their favorite dopespot daily for the leak, and to their surprise it was not there. True, some fans just waited until 10 minutes or so after iTunes made it available to look for the hundreds of downloads that were out there, but you have to think at least a fraction of the moochers instead bought the album. Falling right into the masterplan.

Album Attached To Tour Tickets

You know every big album has a tour attached to it, that’s just what Roc stars do. So Hov and Yeezy is coming to a city near you also. And if you are one of the lucky fans who copped a ticket, Ticketmaster blessed you with a digital copy of the album. Meaning these units will add to the numbers as extra gravy. And I know for a fact some of the people who bought a concert ticket likes to get their music free, so the legal free copy of the album is perfect and it kills two birds with one Roc. In the upcoming weeks they will move a lot of tickets, effectively moving a lot of albums. They pushing rhymes like weight!!

Little To No Promotion

This is about as close as we will ever get to a true Black Album from stars of this caliber. Think about it, no magazine covers (yet), no videos (yet), no official radio single in the traditional sense of the concept, their faces ain’t even on the cover of the album.  Just Otis and their track record made us hype.

Documentary and Trailers Leaked Though

All we got to tie us over was a 10-minute well put together documentary and a couple of trailers. Now with so much secrecy surrounding the actual music, you think they would just carelessly let a documentary leak out. Nope, it came at the right time. Letting us see behind the scenes with these two cats only excited the fans as they waited anxiously for the leak that never appeared. I mean clearly if a documentary dropped the leak had to be soon after?? Right?  Tisk, tisk silly rabbit, leaks are for kids.

So What Does It All Mean??

It means that artist and record labels are sitting in a meeting as I type trying to figure out how to plan their blitz. Granted these tactics The Throne used aren’t for everybody. But bits and pieces will be taken. I can’t imagine labels not using the iTunes only exclusive method.  Other digital spots like Amazon and Best Buy will join in on the fun, but your local spot or smaller chain record stores may have to hang it up. Too many copies out in circulation means too many chances for music to  leak. Simple as that.

I can see artist such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Coldplay, etc. using these methods whenever their next album dropped. I mean damn Hov should have shared the secrets with wifey just a few weeks ago when 4 dropped. But I guess the game is to be sold not told.

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