Jay-Z Sets The Record Straight On Those Beef Rumors w/Kanye West

Written by on August 1, 2011

Well that rumor didn’t last long did it? Jay-Z snuck up on Hot 97 & Angie Martinez to discuss Watch The Throne and the so-called beef with Kanye West. This morning bloggers across the internets ran with a story from the NY Post that Jay-Z and Kanye West were beefing about spending too much money planning the tour. Or something of the other. I smelled horse-shit so I didn’t run with it until we had more people. And thankfully Hov set the record straight. No the two aren’t beefing. Check the interview out.


Hot 97 Interview Part 1



Hot 97 Interview Part 2



Hot 97 Interview Part 3



Hot 97 Interview Part 4

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