Netflix, You May Have Lost One

Written by on July 13, 2011

I love Netflix. The ability to stream movies to my TV, phone, or computer is a thing of the gods. In this instant grits era we live in, nothing is better. Unless the movie you look for isn’t available for streaming, so now you have to look for the red envelope in the mailbox. But now those greedy dudes want to smash my cool.

For $9.99 we were able to stream an unlimited amount of video AND get one dvd at a time shipped to the house. That was the best deal going today. However, it looks like times have changed and now Netflix wants to up the cost. For $7.99 you can still stream videos, but in order to get a hard copy sent your way, you will have to fork over another $7.99. Bringing your grand total up to $15.98 per month. That is no longer living the Mogul life! Decisions have to be made.

The $7.99 unlimited movies streamed to the crib is still sweet, but the problem is not all content is available for streaming. Example, you can stream Friday, but the sequels are not available. That was where the one disc out at a time came in. It was a handy addition. But now for an extra $7.99 it doesn’t seem so sweet anymore. I can’t see paying over $10 per month for movies. The streaming option is still a deal, but Netflix will have to offer more movies. On the other hand, the dvd sent to the house option may end up getting canceled, because half the time the little red envelop just sits on my coffee table and collects dust. For $7.99 extra, that would be just a waste of money on Danny P’s part.

It looks like I will be doing a lot of dvd copying before the new pricing scheme goes into effect September 1st.

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