Who Has The Best Odds of Dropping????

Written by on July 5, 2011

The whispers in the crowd are saying that Outkast will finally drop another album by early 2012. Now I am not the one to get my hopes up just to get my high blown. First of all we know that even if they drop another album we won’t be seeing it early 2012. I would say 4th quarter 2012, 3rd quarter at the earliest. Second, let’s say that the said album drops next year, what Outkast are we going to get? Will it be the Speakerboxx/Love Below/Idlewild Outkast, where it is a rare treat to see them both on the same song together? Will half of it be 3000 sings the blues? Or will we get an effort where both members give it their all? Not sure folks, but my bet is on late 2012 early 2013.

However after all of the Outkast talk, I began to think what other albums am I looking forward to?

1) Destiny’s Child reunion? 40/60…. With the current Kelly hype we are in, it may make sense for the Supremes 2000 to get back together one mo’ gin. I guess it will hinge on what the total sales look like from Beyonce’s 4 album.

2) D’Angelo? Next…..


3) Dr. Dre? 10/90 With the weak singles that have (leaked) so far. I am sure that Mr. Perfect is back in the lab working with all his friends trying to bring that magic feeling back again. Someone please get Snoop,Em and DOC on the phone!!!

4) Lauryn Hill? Not looking good…….. -100/100 With a new cookie in the oven, Ms. Hill may be on hiatus again. However I am sure she will pop up on someones stage next summer to get a check. Hey, babies have to eat don’t they?

5) New Edition… 80/20   This probably has the best chances of happening, especially after they shut down the Essence Festival. But for the record, we just need to make sure that all 6 members are back together to form like Voltron.



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