The Lyric: Ghost Whisperin’

Written by on April 20, 2011

For when you find yourself talking to a spirit…

Ghost Whisperin’ 

I wasn’t ready 365 days ago…and I’m not ready now.

Miss doesn’t seem to be the right word…but it keeps comin’ up; even though I ain’t talked about it much.

Watchin’ you leave was the hardest sh*t. What was carried with you was ripped from the hearts of those that love you. I saw it. I heard it. And I felt it.

Been hard to stop the bleeding.

Your Legacy: A Father’s Son, A Woman’s Baby, A Sister’s Rock, A Man’s Friend, And A Little Girl’s God; is heart warming. But I still need a drink…just to think about it.

I took your presence for granted.

Your light drew others to you, brought the best out in others, and lit a corner of my world…that I haven’t seen since. I haven’t gotten to the silver lining yet.

I apologize for that.

I’m still not ready…But I’m trying.

-Author Known

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