Rebirth of Cool – Malcolm X

Written by on April 7, 2011

Some men have to read magazines, look at models, watch videos, dream, or simply be told how to be Cool. While others are born with the gift. Malcolm was born with it.

In order for us to give Cool the born-again treatment, we have to go back into the Cool archives and see how it was done. Malcolm X was the epitome of Classic Cool. His Cool transcends time, if he was to walk into a room now, his classic style would eclipse most men in the room. From the way he carried himself, walked and talked, Malcolm would own the room without the hype, glitz, and gimmicks.

As a minister Malcolm had to present himself in a certain way at all times. In the Nation of Islam men had to walk with a certain dignity, and Malcolm being the former “Detroit Red” had to turn it up a notch. From the monochromatic suits, to the slim ties, Malcolm was all Fresh. Malcolm had an image that was consistent and transparent showing him as a man who was no-nonsense but cool enough to kick it; the player who left the hood but was still Cool enough to come back.

This is probably the closet we can get to a Malcolm X photo shoot. So sit back and enjoy The Cool that was Malcolm X.

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