NBA Looks Into Investigation of Jay-Z’s Meeting With Kentucky Players

Written by on March 30, 2011

Hova’s recent visit to the Kentucky Wildcats locker room is starting to stir up a buzz amongst NBA big wigs!!

“I said, ‘Oh that’s Jay-Z!’…We all gave him a handshake and he came in the locker room, and we just kept screaming ‘Jay-Z in the locker room!’ He congratulated us, just said he was proud of us.”

The NBA is now discussing Jay’s motivation behind the visit, as he is part owner of the NBA’s New Jersey Nets. The NBA’s policy prohibits team executives from visiting college athletes until after they have entered the NBA draft. Two of Kentucky’s star players, Brandon Knight and Terrance Jones, are expected to be lottery picks in the upcoming summer draft, making Jay-Z’s visit highly suspicious to some.

Jay-Z will most likely pay a fine for the visit.

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