The Mogul Behind The Music…Vol. 1

Written by on January 20, 2011

Oran “Juice” Jones

If you were around urban radio back in ’86…then you have to remember “The Rain” droppin’. The song told the story of  a brother scorned. “Juice” spends the early portion of the track recounting his long day of stalkish behavior in a smooth…but mediocre, falsetto. The song breaks into a spoken reality check when “Juice” lays down vicious checkin’, followed by a textbook dissmissal of his cheating Ol’ Lady. Couple that with a video starring a poster boy for duke pomade, a shiny suit, some standard 80’s Player Paraphernalia, and mind-boggling choreography….and the piece goes from semi comedic…to Classic 😉

I poke fun…but quietly…I think everybody has fantasized about having the opportunity to right a wrong in such a perfect and dramatic fashion 🙂 The record was a hit, and peaked at #9 on The Billboard Hot 100. The “Juice” will go down in history as a one hit wonder. But here at The Mogul Behind The Music..we want to dig a little deeper into the story.

Oran “Juice” Jones (born 1959, Houston, Texas), often incorrectly cited as Orange “Juice” Jones, “Horned Shoes” Jones, is a Soul and R&B singer. He was raised in Harlem, New York. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1981. He was the second African-American Brigade Commander in Naval Academy history. He served his commitment as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps until 1986. He was the first artist who was signed to OBR Records, a subsidiary of Def Jam. He was also the first R&B artist on the hip hop record label.

After Jones failed to have significant follow-up success, he left the music industry to tend to his terminally ill mother and raise his family. He helps his son Oran II, better known as Mookie, and his daughter, Perri Jones, with their music careers. In addition to producing and scoring music for commercials and independent movies, Jones also contributes to a number of hip-hop blogs, including Houston’s and Global Grind. In 2010, Jones’ daughter Perri attracted the attention of major record labels.(Wikipedia)

The truth is, “Juice” was a better than mediocre falsetto. His singing style is more like that of the crooners from the 60’s and 70’s artists.

My guess is that the audience that appreciated the vocal styling of his hit “The Rain”, weren’t as able to relate to the classic styling of his other tunes, and subsequently, didn’t support. Oran Jones released four albums:


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