Charlamagne Tha God Goes In On Diddy

Written by on December 15, 2010

Somewhere along the way Diddy fell off when it comes to music. Time and time again we have given the brother a pass in hopes that he will make us dance or something. But now it just seems like he is holding on to a dream that is fading much too quickly. Charlamagne Tha God took time to let the listeners know how he really feels when it comes to Diddy the music executive. And I must say that I can’t disagree.

When was the last time a Puffy track moved you? I’ll wait. Yeah I can’t think of one either, at least not one in the last five years. I would have to bring it back to the Saga Continues days if I had to name something. I know y’all remember G-Dep! But after that run, the Bad Boy franchise started to look like the Clippers! Sorry LA! Carl Thomas, gone! Faith Evans, gone! 112, gone! Sh&t they couldn’t keep the wack a$$ band together! Bad Boy as a label is in trouble!

Maybe we should have seen the signs when the Last Train To Paris was held at the station for months. Maybe we should have caught the whiff when Jay Electronica decided to go with Roc Nation, (the verdict is still out on you Jay-Z!) Maybe we should just realize that Diddy is a lifestyle pusher who doesn’t have to focus on music anymore. But I want one more “All About The Benjamins” in my life before the last of the Ciroc is sipped!!

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