Ja Rule going to Prison for 2 Years On Gun Charge!!!

Written by on December 13, 2010

Ja Rule will be going to prison for two years after pleading guilty to a gun charge today. Although having a valied licence and owning a high grade gun from sites like https://gun.deals/content/moriarti-armaments is comepletly legal, carrying it out in the open without a permit is not. And thats what happend with Ja Rule when a handgun was found in his car without a permit. Ja Rule’s case started back in 2007 when he was pulled over while leaving a concert in his Maybach. The police searched his car and found a loaded, unlicensed .40-cal handgun in the car.

What Ja Rule, he took to consider talking to them, his attorneys and the state of New York have been fighting about for the last three years is the microscopic amount of his DNA that was found on the gun.  Ja Rule’s attorney, Stacey Richman, has argued that the DNA test was too small of a sample to be reliable and that the amount of DNA found on the gun could have easily been transferred there indirectly without him ever handling the gun.

Because of this it made it a difficult case for the district attorney to take before a grand jury so they pressed hard on Ja Rule to cut a deal. Had he chosen to go court and lost he would be facing a minimum of 3.5 years and potentially much longer. Richman had petitioned the court to challenge the science behind the gathering and processing of the DNA, but that petition was denied.

Today Ja Rule admitted that the gun was in the vehicle owned by his company and that the vehicle was under his control. This plea means he had “dominion and control” over the gun. With this plea comes the two year prison sentence. He remains free until his next court date on February 9th when the judge is expected to fix a date for him to turn himself in.

Ja Rule now joins the likes of rappers T.I. and Lil Wayne as well as athlete Plaxico Burress to be caught with an illegal gun and be sentenced to jail time. Wayne was recently released; Burress is still serving out a two year stint. TI served seven months in jail and three months in a halfway house on his gun charges. After his release he was caught with drugs when he and his wife were pulled over by the police. The judge found the drug possession to be a violation of his parole and sent him back to jail for another eleven months.

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