Y’all Gone Stop Sleeping On R. Kelly!!!

Written by on December 8, 2010

Real talk Moguls, this new R. Kelly album will change your life!! Yo boy Kellz put it down in such a way that it leaves no doubt that he put the R in R&B! (Okay I’m tripping,, but there is still no denying his importance to the genre the last twenty years!) Mr. Robert Kelly has dropped a jewel on us. And this is coming from a picky fan.

In my honest opinion R. Kelly hasn’t dropped anything worth listening since the Chocolate Factory! I actually thought he died in the studio making that album and an impostor has been running around the last five or so years. I wasn’t in to the Trapped in the Closet bs he gave us. I can’t say I was checking for his inspirational offerings. And all that other he was giving us never made it to my hard drive! Sorry Kellz, I thought the Chocolate Factory took it all out of you. But oh how wrong I was!!

His new album Love Letter plays out like Chocolate Factory part II!! On this one Kellz channeled Michael, Marvin and still kept it R. Kelly!! He is showing these has-been, hit-less, singers how the game should play out! And many of these dudes need to pull out their iPads and take notes!! If you singers need to make that comeback album you better hit Mr R. Kelly!!

On his new cd Love Letter, Kellz took his time to create an album that you can tell he put his all in! The songs sound like music that is not played on radio today! Instead of the same old tired riffs, hooks, and themes, Kelly goes for that classic sound that only a few artist are capable of pulling off. He comes across as focused and determined to have his spot solidified, and I must say with Love Letter he has done just that!! Go get your copy Dec 14th!!

I wonder what Trey Songz has to say about this album????

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