The Internets Messed Up My Music Experience

Written by on November 23, 2010

I think I have downloaded my last mp3!! Or rather I say I have downloaded my last mp3 from an upcoming album that isn’t a single. Due to my addiction of downloading singles as they leaked I have ruined many albums! I used to have a ritual where I would get a new album, take it home, pour a little something something and get into the mode. Taking the time to soak up the new experience one song at a time. Maybe one or two songs would be old news to me, but that was alright because the rest of the album was brand spanking new. However, after listening to Kanye West new album, I realized that I ruined a trip that could have been even more refreshing.

Over 50%  of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy I already had due to either his G.O.O.D. Friday series or his Runaway video. True, the music still hit amazed me due to the extras he added; but I can only imagine what it would have sounded like without the help of my trusty internets.

So I have learned my lesson Moguls, from now on I will wait patiently like all of the other good boys and girls. I will still download leaks from upcoming albums but I will tuck them away safely in a folder to be opened after I get the album in it’s entirety. Then after I listen to the album the way the artist presents it, I will go to my leak folder and add whatever music I have that didn’t make the final cut.

For you Moguls who don’t really care, I present to you the latest from Kanye West and Jay-Z. This may or may not be on their Watch The Throne album. The song may or may not be G.O.O.D., I don’t know. I won’t listen to this one until the feature presentation drops.I have spoiled enough ciphers!!

Kanye West x Jay-Z x Q-Tip – That’s My Bitch

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