The Life of a Blogger….. This Game Ain’t Easy!!!

Written by on November 18, 2010

We made it to one year!! Pop the bottles and enjoy the finest smokes this side of the Mason-Dixon line. Party like a Mogul! Do it big, real big. But I will admit, this gig is not easy. It is not all glamour and glitz. There are no lines of readers standing outside the office with pom-poms cheering us on. No Coretta Scott King awards. Nothing, but more stories to find for our readers.

I remember when I first started this blog I had dreams of being able to pack up at my regular 9-5 and telling them to kiss my ass!! I am a blogger! But once the numbers came in, I realized I can’t pay the bills with this. And I got bills through the roof, I can’t do numbers like The Roots!! But I.B. Edubl told me that we have to crawl before we can run. And it looks like we have hit the toddling stage. But damn, this shit is not easy!

After a year of rss feeds, coming up with Mogul Goodies, picking that Daily Fresh and seeing promises from contributors blow away in the wind, I must tip my hat to the blogs out there that is doing the damn thing!! One thing I have noticed is that blogs come and go like the latest fads. Here today and gone yesterday. But there are a few out there that can be counted on like abacuses. We here at Urban Mogul Life strive to become a fixture on your internets.

Today’s Jewel sums up the life of Danny P. Ocean. I am dedicated to UML, this is not just an interest of mine. Some bloggers write when everything is calm and rosey for them, that’s having an interest. While dedication means that no matter what, you find time to do it. No matter if the result of your work means a few minutes of sleep, you must keep going. While those fake blogs get their golden slumbers in, Danny P is out there thinking of something to write. My benchmark of excellence is based on keeping up with real blogs and their dedication.

So take a sip from your favorite beverage of choice and bunker down with us as we go full speed ahead into year 2 of our existence. And even though we’re in it to win it, I do understand….. This shit ain’t easy!!!

Well…..time to make the donuts!!

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