Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Review)

Written by on November 18, 2010

Damn Kanye, you have done it again! When all of the Taylor Swift lovers were running to spit on your grave, you fucked around and dropped a classic! I guess pain really does bring out the best in an artist. That year or so of exile, was just what the doctor ordered. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a work of art. It’s exactly what hip hop can become if the participants take it there. While so many rappers talk about what they can do with their little raps, you simply showed us. From the first phrase that Nicki uttered, MBDTF took me to places that very few hip hop albums have ever done. This right here is more along the lines of Jimi Hendrix’s  Electric Ladyland; beautiful shit!! Simply beautiful shit.

MBDTF is a spell-binding opus that delves deep into the mind of a musical genius. My only regret is that I heard most of the tracks either from his Runaway video, or from the G.O.O.D. Friday series. Sooner or later I will learn not to listen to everything that leaks on the internets! Because I swear, if I would have heard the tracks on the album for the first time all at once, by the time it got to “Gorgeous” (track 2), I would have got up out my Mogul chair and ran down the fucking stairs!! The music is just that serious. By the time “All of the Lights” blasted on the speakers all I could say was this dude has lost is fucking mind!!! Not only is this collection the album of the year, it just may be the best hip hop record of the 21st Century!! Yeah I said it. True it has it’s shortcomings, basically the last two tracks on the album. But the flame that arrives before those songs is worth the price of admission. Hip hop dudes should not make songs like “Hell of a Life”, “Blame Game” or “Devil In A Red Dress”! Those songs are simply beautiful. No more, no less.

Even with the grocery list of cameos on the album, you never lose the sense of whose album this really is. It’s Kanye’s bitches! Now I wonder will he beat out Ms Taylor Swift next year during award season?? If not, will we see another rant?? We better hope he gets his appreciation, because I can only imagine what the follow-up will sound like if we piss him off again!

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