Willow Smith Is For Real!!!

Written by on November 3, 2010

Sooo…WillowSmith hits the stage on the Ellen Degeneres show for her first ever performance.  If we ever doubted whether or not the swag was hers or just a borrowed “bag” from her pops…we now know the truth.  Willow, at age 10, put together a sound all around performance.  It was full of personality, eye-catching choreography and good voice skills. Hell…she dances and sings better than Rihanna already!! Don’t get me wrong Rih-Rih…your still one of my favorite pieces of eye-candy, but you know like I do, if you had to do the electric slide and sing at the same time…the show would be over 🙁  Congrats Willow…the Moguls are watching!

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