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Written by on November 1, 2010

Tomorrow is November 2nd and of course that means that America’s Democratic Process will take center stage…for some.  For the last month, my senses have been bombarded with propaganda trying to sway my thinking, and yours, in a particular direction. Not sure about you Moguls, but this occasion always brings on a plethora of emotions. I’m usually a little insulted by the strategies all politicians use to cloud the information they share when attempting to share their position on issues of interest to the voters. I’m usually perplexed as I try to figure out how two terribly polarized groups of millionaires surrounded by thousands of lobbyists catering to their “sense of capitalism” and playing follow the leader could ever arrive at a decision that even remotely makes sense, or meets the needs of the average American. I am usually agitated when I get into the voting booth and find that no matter how well-informed I am on the candidates, I still feel like I’m picking the lesser of two assholes (sorry about that)…evils. I’m appalled as of late because I’m trying to remember when our country’s political process became so “ethnically charged”. I mean…it couldn’t have been when those Native Americans borrowed those “pocky” blankets from their new guests to keep warm; or when those hard workin’ Africans came over for their little vacation in the Americas; or when the Irish or the German fellas decided they wanted to melt into the big pot. And for the life of me, I cant figure out how this intelligent and informed population of Jewish Catholic Mormon Krishna Lutheran Buddhist Agnostics can’t tell the difference between Islam and the accomplished terrorist fella who came through customs and signed up for flying lessons in Florida. After all, didn’t we fight a war with that anger already…or did it time out when we found out they’d be shooting back? Wait…is this even politics?

I digress.

But alas, I must vote. I won’t go too deep into my personal politics, but how can I begin to complain or criticize if I don’t first exhaust all resources afforded me through the American Democratic Process? It’s my responsibility. It’s my right. And someday…when the government is for the people, and by the people…it will “matter”.



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