LeBron James Is On A Mission

Written by on October 6, 2010

Last night we saw the debut of Miami Thrice, well at least for about 3 minutes. Then Dwayne Wade hamstring got too excited and over-stretched. So we had a chance to see Bron-Bron take over his team. Yeah that’s right I said his team. We all know Dwayne has the keys to the car, but Bron-Bron is like the designated driver. And with Dwayne Wade’s injuries that he seems to get every season, LeBron will not only have the keys but he will park the car in his garage.

And speaking of LeBron it looks like he has a list and his checking it twice. Everyone who has spoke ill of him in public he has your name on the list. In fact, even YOU who said such-such about him, will probably get the sh*t smacked out of too. LeBron was in mid-season mode already last night. He had his hand in everything via either scoring or passing. I swore during the time he was on the bench, I saw him telling the players on the court what to do. Ladies and Gentlemen, King James is in the building!!!!!

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