BCBGeneration Lends It’s Name To Charity…& Innovation

Written by on September 29, 2010

The high-end fashion industry is full of glamor, beauty, and creative minds looking to leave their mark in a world dominated by names and labels.  MAX AZRIA…is one of those names.  Azria’s BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP is a global fashion house featuring brands that have been worn by some of the most fashion conscious and visible women in the entertainment industry.  Halle Berry, Beyonce Knowles, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez have all been photographed wearing Azria’s designs.  Known for creating high fashion designs offered at an affordable price, BCBG brands have become mainstays of the fashion world since the late 1990’s.  BCBGeneration is a line that markets such designs to versatile, professional women ages 18-35.  With Azria’s daughter, Joyce Azria at the creative helm, the brand is looking to increase it’s presence in some U.S. markets.  UML recently caught up with BCBGeneration Marketing Manager, Zoe(2 dots over the E) Miller at an event in Milwaukee, WI…aimed at doing just that.

Milwaukee is not considered a large market for fashion, but it does cover the full spectrum of fashion and boasts a substantial population that falls in BCBGeneration‘s target demographic.  Fashion shows are not rare, but ones with major fashion sponsors are.  Seated in two beautiful antique chairs at the historic Humphrey Scottish Rite Center, I asked Ms. Miller to tell me exactly what brought her to Brew City.  She had this to say:

BCBGeneration is looking to increase its presence in markets such as Memphis, Dallas, Chicago, and Milwaukee.  We’re looking for innovative and creative ways to do that.  I was approached by Alexa and Thomas of Culexion.  They wanted to do a fashion show to showcase area designers while benefiting Planned Parenthood, a Milwaukee charity that serves as a vital resource for the community.  After talking with them and hearing their vision, I was convinced to put the BCBGeneration name behind their project and work with them to make it a success.”

That statement alone may not scream vision and innovation, but when you hear that Alexa and Thomas had never put on a fashion show before, you can begin to appreciate the value of having a vision, and successfully bringing it to life. After hearing this, I knew UML had to cover it, if these young people weren’t Urban Moguls, than who were?  Though highly accomplished, Zoe is only 23 years old; Alexa is 22 and Thomas is 24.  The word Culexion is the brain child of Alexa Barnes and her college roommate, Ashley Adams.  It combines the words culture, sex, and fashion into one concept, and was originally meant to be a magazine.  After realizing that those ideas have plenty of avenues already saturating the media market, they decided to turn it into a company brand.  Their goal is to produce events that provide outlets for aspiring artists of all kinds.

This event did that in a big way. BCBGeneration provided the Name, V.I.P. gift bags, and the goodies to fill them with.  Culexion teamed up with Royal Flush Entertainment for production, and the vision was born.  The night was complete with a Red Carpet Entrance at 6:45 p.m., and started promptly at 7:30 on a beautiful, crisp Wisconsin fall evening.  The fashion show featured innovative and stunning designs that were as varied and unique as the designers themselves.  Two of the featured designers were teenage sisters just 14 and 17 years old!  Featured lines included:

  • Moda Muneca by Chelsea Stotts
  • Mz Perception by Gabriella Ruiz
  • GG Collections by Deborah Render
  • Hot Commodity by Maya Harrell
  • Def Perception by Arlando
  • My Era by Imani Stotts
  • Asia Mynor by Larry

Hostess - Evette Riley

The evening was filled with highlights!  Not easily impressed, I even had to make my appreciation known.  From the multi-talented hostess, Evette Riley, who spent the whole night clad in the latest BCBGeneration fashions(courtesy of Zoe Miller), to the musical performance of Cigarrette Break, the show was complete.  The smile on Zoe’s face and look of relaxation that finally overcame Alexa was proof enough of that.  I even decided to don my dancing shoes and join the festivities at the official Culexion: Culture, Sex, Fashion/BCBGMAXAZRIA after party at club Envy. Congrats Moguls…but you don’t have to take my word for it, peep the exclusive UML/SM2G video…;-)

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