UML Has Reason To Celebrate…A Word From A Mogul

Written by on September 8, 2010

UML is bubblin’ up…and we have you to thank for it 🙂  We knew August would hold big things…we could feel it.  We sent a shout out to all of our Mogul Fam back in early August just to say thanks for the way the month started out.  Well, not only did it start well, but it ended well! The hours spent by Danny P., YungMogul and myself, carefully perusing the Web for interesting stories and goodies, as well as taking the time to write down our original musings has truly paid off.  Danny P.‘s tribute to The Late, Great MJ was picked up by a popular Diana Ross Website and appreciated by hundreds as the world remembered the King of Pop’s birthday!  August saw the chilling and emotional end to YungMogul‘s 5 part series on Micheal Lock’s Milwaukee.  The “real life” drama intrigued, enraged, and sparked comments so controversial, we couldn’t even let them all pass.  And on the last day of August, Moguls took part in my “healing process” by experiencing the firsthand account of  my  “Journey Through The Land of Insecurity”.  My vivid story of a haircut gone wrong, and the lesson I learned from it, had Moguls holding their stomachs and shedding tears in laughter.  Their joy was well worth my pain 🙂

August 2010 will always be special because it held so many milestones for UML:

  • UML doubled the previous total number of hits for any previous month in our 10 month history
  • UML saw its highest daily and weekly averages
  • UML got offered its first big advertising contract
  • UML responded to several requests for quotes for short-term advertising
  • UML secured 4 exclusives with national artists, personalities, and events; all to run in late September and October to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary

The push for advertising has mandated that we change our format soon to support all of the things our next phase holds. This is going to happen almost a year ahead of schedule!  Moguls…we have reason to celebrate.  Grab a glass, crack a smile, and put your dancin’ shoes on…UML is another step closer to its own version of The Champagne Life!

Thank you for your continued support.  You have my word as a Mogul…it will be well rewarded.  Spread the word 😉



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