Tiger’s….In The Rough

Written by on August 26, 2010

If  you’ve ever golfed before, you know that “in the rough” refers to a golf shot that lands in a less than desirable location. If you’ve never golfed before, even you can see that the situation Tiger, the greatest golfer in the world, finds himself in today, is less than desirable. But let’s look at this from One Mogul’s standpoint, because, well…..my opinion’s as valid as anybody else’s 🙂

I have never been one to idolize athletes. As an avid sports fan, professional amateur (part-time) athlete, and certified armchair expert on everything, I can tell you that Tiger Woods is not only what Kobe is to basketball, but more. You see, in basketball, there are other markets, other teams, other superstars, all of whom share a portion of the spotlight with Kobe. There are others to which Kobe can be compared, and even debated upon as to whether or not he is the greatest in the game. Not Tiger. When you talk about the elite in golf, there’s no one playing the game that can come close in comparison. There’s no other golfer that more people in the world would want to watch. No golfer has the same effect on the competition, the economics, the popularity, or the overall appeal of the sport of golf. To put it in Lay-Mogul’s terms, if Tiger takes off his golf-drawers…..there is no one….who can fill them.

The latest spot Tiger finds himself in, is not one that can be corrected with a single, brilliant swing of the golf club….or is it? I ask this question because the only way I’ve ever evaluated Tiger is on his golfing ability. I don’t know him as a man. I don’t even know if I want to. I do know that to achieve what he has, Tiger must have a tremendous ability to focus on the task at hand, and tune out what’s going on around him. I know that he has overcome mental and physical challenges to be successful, and therefore must be physically and mentally resilient. In order for Tiger Woods to be the “Tiger”, I know that he must possess a great deal of confidence, and be resigned to the fact that he is, indeed,a great golfer. Thanks to the constant media coverage, incessant prying, and the public’s thirst for all things private, we also know that he is considered the richest athlete….ever.

All of these things tell me that Tiger has everything he needs to get through this. It also tells me that he has everything he needs to attract just about any woman…in the world. An ability that some men have prayed for, other men would pay for, and most men, would exploit. In a country where we do everything short of selling liquid lust at children’s candy counters, I find it difficult to pass judgment on Tiger at all. Sure, I can sympathize with the fact that his wife may feel a greater sense of outrage and embarrassment because her private issues are now public, but let’s face it, it comes with the territory. It’s not the end of the world, and her life is, and will still, be full of other positives. As a matter of fact, I wish nothing but the best for her, and Tiger….together.

Tiger Woods is human. I watch and follow Tiger, not because I need him to be something other than human, but because he demonstrates the triumph of those things most human; by simply playing a sport he loves, to the best of his ability. He reminds us of the joy that comes from fulfilling dreams, overcoming obstacles, and conquering one’s self. He reminds us that being great, if only at one thing, is something to celebrate and be proud of. He unselfishly takes us on the journey of his lifetime, so that we can experience what we otherwise may not. To do this, I don’t need to know how much money he makes, who he sleeps with, or what other very human mistakes he may make. In fact, I just need him to play another round of golf.

Play on Tiger.


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  1. jinakisweetness   On   December 3, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    i can most certainly appreciate the reference to tiger’s mortality. he is a man. period. one of the things that i think is important for people of color to recognize, particularly people of african decent is that you are not above the influence of oppression. the greatest illness of the western world is oppression…namely institutionalized racism. it is unfortunate that when struck with adversity (whether we are millionaire superstar athletes, the college professor, the cashier at the grocery store) and experience the omnipresent ill of racism that we are so surprised. tiger’s request for privacy is genuine, but unrealistic. i, too, empathize with the desire–to quote the king of pop, MJJ–“leave me alone” but once you have entered the public arena, especially as a man of color, that is certainly no longer afforded to you. *sigh* i think if this were palmer, we wouldn’t even be talking about it anymore. good luck, tiger.

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