Mogul Style…Invisible Treehouse Hotel

Written by on August 17, 2010

If for some reason a Mogul wanted to travel to Sweden, about 40 miles south of the Arctic Circle, he(or she) could post up in one of these:

One of Treehotel's Mirrored Tree Houses

The four meter glass cubes are state of the art and eco-friendly!  They even have a special film applied that makes them visible to birds so they don’t go crashing into the walls and scare the begeesus out of you while you’re trying to use the state of the art incineration toilet!  More pics after the jump…you’ve gotta see these…

My guess is unless you’re a card carryin’, tree huggin’ Mogul…you’ve already booked a room somewhere known for its plush-ness!  But there are all kinds of Moguls out there…right?

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