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Written by on August 9, 2010

Well, I’m back to the world of UML after some much-needed R&R.  I’ll fill you in on my vacation via post, but first I need to say thank you to our wonderful readers! 🙂  August has brought nothin’ but sunshine in the WebWorld. UML is experiencing a tremendous, and well deserved surge in views, readership, submissions, and comments.  At this pace, August may be more successful than the three previous months combined!  This is no small statement seeing as how UML has always been ahead of the curve in the Blogging Game.  To show our appreciation and keep our readers, the faithful and the new, comin’ back for more, UML is pressing forward at full speed. Danny P. and I are always on the grind trying to map out the future direction of UML.  We invite all Urban Moguls to continue to submit your ideas, criticisms, pictures, videos, songs, comments, stories, and projects!  Oh yeah….and don’t forget to spread the word!

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