Dr. Dre x Jay-Z – Under Pressure

Written by on June 17, 2010

K, this is what we were waiting for? A decade of waiting and anticipating brings us to this moment? Not that the song is wack or anything, but it seems like this long-awaited track would be a little more….. well how can I say this….. monumental. However I am sure that this track is unfinished. Someone ran into the Detox lab and snatched one of the grails that Dre had stashed and leaked it to the world. Or maybe Dre was feeling a bit “Under Pressure” and wanted to drip this track to see what response he would get from the masses. Whatever the case, it is here! No we can go about our lives and wait for the rest of the album to drop. It may only take another 2 years or so!

Under Pressure

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