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Written by on June 2, 2010

Every party needs a driving force at the center.  That force must have endless vision,  dynamic personality, and unmistakable style.   Without it, it’s just another date on somebody’s calendar, with it….it’s an event that no one wants to miss!  The Milwaukee, WI/Charlotte, N.C. based event planning company, The Socialistas…are that force.

The dynamic duo of Nepherterra Estrada and Tiffany Wynn have placed themselves at the forefront of the event planning business through the expert coordination of intelligent, high style, fun, and wide-reaching events.  Both of these ladies are stars in their own right and instantly make you want to be in their atmosphere, but together, they shine like the Sun, and when they do their thing, Moguls and She-Moguls alike clamor to be in their orbit.

The Socialistas first popped up on the UML radar when they began promoting the first ever Day Party in Milwaukee’s history on April 3rd.  Now, we all know that day parties have been big hits for cities like Houston, D.C., Charlotte and others, but Milwaukee is a different story.  Milwaukee is world-famous for its nightly “Bar frenzy” and huge summer festival schedule.  Home to the largest music festival in the world, Summerfest, (which boasts 11 days and nights of music, 11 stages, and 800 bands) Milwaukee has the highest ratio of bars to people in the U.S.!  The Day Party was not just a novel idea in this party town, it’s success…could be a revolution in Milwaukee’s Urban Mogul culture.  Excited about the concept and the promise it held, UML staff came out in full support of the event, and afterwards, we caught up with one half of the extraordinary team, Nepherterra Estrada, for a little Q&A:

UML : Who are The Socialistas?

N.E. : The Socialistas is an event planning company I launched with my business partner Tiffany Wynn.  It’s a play off the word ‘socialite’…

UML : What inspired you to bring the Day Party to Milwaukee?

N.E. : Day Parties are a popular concept in other cities. Having the opportunity to travel and experience Day Parties in different markets inspired us to bring the concept to Milwaukee. Milwaukee is a unique market so we thought of it as an experiment. We thought the concept would work and decided to do our first one on April 3.

UML : Did the event meet the goals and expectations you had in mind?

N.E. : Our goal was to provide Milwaukee with a fresh, new entertainment concept and we feel we did that. We have gotten such positive feedback from our guests. People were asking us when we were having the next day party, before the first one even ended! We were extremely pleased with the turnout at the event. We strategically targeted Milwaukee’s young professionals and we feel we did that quite effectively. Of course there is always room for improvement, but for our first event, we are very pleased.

The party was beyond a success!  The atmosphere was super cool, the crowd diverse, and the hostesses were elegantly Mogul-esque . They cleverly promoted the networking aspect of the event which prompted conversation, business card exchange, and served as a brilliant ice breaker for a crowd that didn’t quite know what to expect.  By the time the free drink samples and drink specials took effect…it was clearly a party.  The 4 P.M. – 8 P.M. time slot got people out early and kept them out.  As a matter of fact, the Day Party seemed to boost attendance at other events throughout the night.  I ran into attendees at two other events, and got phone calls the following day from Moguls who missed it, but overheard excited conversation.  The true measure of success came in the following weeks when several others tried to duplicate the event.  I’m not taking anything away from those events…but none have sparked my interest nearly as much as the announcement for The Socialistas follow-up event:

UML will be there. Will you?

Reader's opinions
  1. duwanda campbell   On   June 3, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    i was at the first Day Party, i will be at the second, and anything else the Socialistas promote!! Neph brings out the best in us all.

  2. Unique   On   June 4, 2010 at 6:40 am

    Being that I have known Tiffany since I was a teenager it does not surprise me that an event that has her name on it was a success! Tiffanys outgoing personality is a breath of fresh air and makes want people to be around her. While I missed the first event, I won’t make the same mistake twice. I wish The Socialistas much success on their future endeavors!

  3. Davina   On   June 4, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    I am so proud of my girl Tiffany!!! I wish her continued success and will be at the party tomorrow 🙂

  4. Nepherterra   On   June 6, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    Thanks for all the love and support you guys!! Tiffany and I appreciate it more than you know! XOXOXO

    • I.B. Edubl   On   June 7, 2010 at 9:57 pm

      We just call’em how we see’em. We enjoyed the party…so much so that I’ve got a follow up scheduled to drop tomorrow. Party on She-Moguls 🙂

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