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Written by on May 26, 2010

Some songs are written, others…are born of the human experience.  In those instances, the song chooses the artist…and uses them as a vessel; a sort of pathway to this world so that they can live and and inspire the lives and arts of others.  The human experience prepares that vessel; providing just the right emotion, just the right worldly pressure, and just the right circumstances for a miraculous birth. The songs we’re discussing today…were born.

There are two songs highlighted in this post.  Not because they are the absolute greatest of their kind (though one of them could be), but because they were born of the same experience, just different circumstances.  That experience…was the loss of a loved one.  Their superior composition, sincerity, and ability to move the listener make them some of the Greatest songs Of All Time.Elton John and Bernie Taupin are one of the most successful writing teams of all time.  I always find their library quite phenomenal because they have found the “magical chemistry” countless times, even though one person focuses on the music, and the other the lyrics.  I’m no songwriter, but it seems that this would take a superior creative process than that of two people who both have their hands in the entire process.  The song I’m referencing is “Empty Garden” (Hey Hey Johnny). The song was inspired by the death of Elton’s long time friend, and former Beatle, John Lennon.  Elton actually performed 3 songs with John at his last stage concert at Madison Square Garden in 1974, and is Godfather to Lennon’s second son, Sean.  Elton doesn’t perform the song much, because of the memories it stirs up, but the composition is top notch and loaded with memories of his good friend.

The “empty garden” he references, is Madison Square Garden.  The image in the background for the video, is a mock-up of the front entrance to the Dakota Apartments, where Lennon was shot by an obsessed fan.  Lennon fans will find many other references, and quickly identify with the feeling of loss.  Elton is a great artist in his own right, and if you haven’t familiarized yourself with his library…you should.

The other piece featured is a contrast in many ways.  It was inspired by the death of Pat Monahan’s mother.  For anybody with a radio dial that moves at all, you probably recognize Pat Monahan as the lead singer for the band Train, and the song, is “Drops of Jupiter”.  From the very first time  I heard this song, I knew it had a meaning far beyond what I understood at the time.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know the actual name of the song for a long time.  All I knew was that it was one of the most poetic and genuine songs I had ever heard, and that it meant a lot to whoever was singing it.  Pat has a unique voice that stays with you, but none of Train’s other songs, even the uber-popular “Hey Soul Sister” carries the same weight.  The song is a light, tender celebration of the life of the person Pat calls the “most important person in his life”…and it came to him in a dream.

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