3D – The Best Thing Since Kurtis Blow???

Written by on May 17, 2010

See what these little blue people have started?? We now have 3D everything. Movie studios are moving frantically to redo films in 3D in hopes they can have a land fall of a payday like Avatar. We even have ESPN3D coming soon to a TV near you! This is getting out of hand, quickly!

How many of you want to spend your Sundays watching sports with glasses on? Getting lite head-aches and all? Even  Jerry Jones and his 3D  jumbo-tron caused fans to get a little  nauseated.  I can only imagine how it will be if you sit at home and watch show after show in 3D. There will have to be some type of side effects,  cancer in the eyeballs or something.

With the way this trend is heating up, we will be seeing classic movies reissued in 3D; Krush Kroove, Breaking, Boyz In The Hood, Friday. Who would like to see Smokey puffing on the porch in 3D? It’s probably on someones drawing board as I type!

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