Jamie Foxx Calls Howard Stern Out

Written by on April 6, 2010

Jamie Foxx, annoyed by Stern’s recent and mindlessly insensitive remarks about Gabourey Sidibe, used his Sirius Satellite Radio Show to fire back.  Not only did he speak on Howard’s behavior, but he also took a minute to address Robin Quivers, Howard’s African-American female sidekick, and her seemingly ridiculous choice to co-sign her boss’ blatant stupidity.

Look….nothing Howard Stern says or does surprises me, he’s proven time and again that “social responsibility” is just an affliction that some of us have….but Robin?  Has she climbed so high that she feels she can throw stones at a mirror that reflects an image so like her own?  Come, come now….

Thanks for speakin’ up Jamie.  Read the full story here

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