ZTA Wins Sprite Step Off and $100,000!

Written by on March 25, 2010

I know I’m late on this one….but somebody sent me this link a while back with the Subject: All White Greek Sorority from Arkansas Wins Sprite Stepping Contest!

Please understand that this was not a priority when I was checkin’ my email, but as I was doing a little mailbox clean-up….I decided to check it out before I press delete. I was surprised by a couple things right away:

  1. This was the LARGEST step competition in history
  2. The prize was $100,000.00
  3. In ATL? For real, for real?

The next thought that followed that was: “You mean to tell me that all those Q’s,Delta’s, Alpha’s, AKA’s, Kappa’s, SG Rho’s, Sigma’s and Zeta’s let $100,000.00 get away?!?!?

Look, I spent 4 years at an HBCU (Prairie View A&M to be exact ), been to more campuses than I can count, and I’ve seen more step shows than I can count….but hell…I’ve never seen this:

I would Loooove to hear some comments from the “one’s who let the money get away” on this one…..don’t make me call ya’ll by name 😉

Tell us what you think Moguls…

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  1. m-squared   On   March 25, 2010 at 11:55 am

    As a former step show participant, I will say that the clip of the show I saw had complex choreography, and combinations. Their uniformity and certain portions of their precision were good as well, but to me, they didn’t have the creativity that many of the more traditional step teams incorporate into their shows. If that is not a requirement, then let it ride. From all of the media I have seen this show get before and after, there have been lots of stories from judging irregularities to Sprite having them pegged to win before the show even started etc. And I think I read that they actually ended up sharing 1st place with a team of AKAs because of it. I will say that it would be difficult to watch 6 or 8 teams of them perform in one night without all of the extras that we (traditional teams) incorporate into our shows to separate us from one another. I have seen KKPsi, Christian based orgs, high schools, it’s no longer “reserved” for greeks etc. So, all I can say is, competition is good, get it tight and keep it tight, or this won’t be the only time.

    • I.B. Edubl   On   March 25, 2010 at 12:44 pm

      I didn’t hear anything about ZTA sharing 1st place…..but I do agree that aspects of their show were on point. somebody should step-up a take notice. Thanks for th comment M-squared 🙂

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