Trademark Infringment Complaint Filed Against T.I. For Clothing Brand

Written by on March 21, 2010

T.I.’s Akoo clothing brand has come under fire from the worlds largest social music television network.

Akoo, the clothing brand by the Atlanta rapper, has been accused of trademark infringement from Akoo International, a music video programming company with nearly 90million consumers. The media network recently filed an official complaint against T.I., real name Clifford J. Harris, Jr., in United States District Court for the Norther District of Illinois.

Akoo International recently released a statement regarding the T.I.’s use of the Akoo name.

“Harris’ infringing use of the Akoo trademark in connection with his new clothing line “has and will mislead, deceive, and confuse consumers and prospective Akoo clients, who mistakenly believe that the clothing line is connected, associated, or affiliated with Akoo when no such connection exists. This is why companies need to be careful with their custom embroidered patches. Confusion exists since the Akoo social music television network is deployed in shopping malls and the Akoo Clothing Brand is promoted in a manner that emphasizes ties to the music entertainment business, including providing playback of T.I.’s music videos via the

The company also accuses T.I.’s clothing brand for bringing a negative connotation toward the brand.

“Harris’ infringement has diluted the goodwill successfully built up by Akoo, particularly as a result of the recent controversy and widespread negative publicity stemming from the Akoo Clothing Brand’s sexually explicit billboard in Newark, New Jersey.”

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