We Will Always Love BIG Poppa

Written by on March 9, 2010

There are 3 deaths that I can say I will remember where I was the moment I heard about it.

  1. Michael Jackson – I will always remember the phone call I got from Crackaine yelling in the phone, “They say the nigga dead!”
  2. Tupac Shakur – Sittin’ in the car with my homey Tweezy picking up his lil sister from work, when V-100 broke the news.
  3. Biggie Smalls – Phone call from Shaft that woke me up from my slumber with him telling me the bad news.

Now of course there are more deaths I can remember hearing about, but these 3 right here shook me up a lil I can’t lie. Big was that rapper for me that was just on another level. I felt like I went from ashy to classy with the homey my damn self! Big was the one who brought Fresh back to the game. Before him we had the Big Daddy Kane’s, the Slick Rick’s, the LL Cool J’s, but somewhere after that the game changed. When the game took a trip out West and the gangster look went mainstream, we saw the around the way look. The suits and ties went out the window and made way for curls, Chuck’s, and khaki’s. But Christopher Wallace was different. He brought class back to the game, real player shit.

B.I.G. busted out the kangols, Coogi sweaters, Jesus pieces, and Versace shades. A style that rappers are still trying to mock to this day. But they end up looking all sloppy and shit!

BIG brought majesticness (yeah I know it ain’t a word!) to the game. Before him who was running around saying they were King? Now we have Hov, TI, and all sorts of wack rappers claiming they king of something. If its just the king of their block, they the king!

All sorts of rappers claim they don’t write shit anymore, now I will say that Jay-Z gets a pass cause legend has it that him and BIG just went in on Brooklyn’s Finest with no pen or paper. But all of these other dudes, you get the side eye. Because half of them need to sit down and draft a rap these days cause what they dropping is hot garbage.

BIG had the perfect balance between pop and street rap. In fact he is the only rapper who can effectivly spit over a pop ass track and still make it raw. Tell me if you can’t rap along when Mo Money Mo Problems comes on? The beat itself is not much to write home about, and I wish I could skip the first two verses. But when Smalls comes in with that

B.I.G., P-O, P-P-A

No info, for the, DEA

Federal agents mad cause I’m flagrant

Tap my cell, and the phone in the basement

Shit that verse right there had me checking my phones! The list of BIG’s influence on the game can on forever, just like the music.

So today March 9, I pay my respects to the Greatest Rapper of All-Time. I will take time out today to play a jewel or two from Smalls, and just reminisce of when the King was here with us.

God bless the dead.

Jadakiss – Letter To B.I.G.


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