The Power Move That Is Drake

Written by on February 15, 2010

“I’ll show you how to do this son!”

In these new rules of the record business, the question for upcoming artist is how can they make a dent in the scene. With so many rappers and so little budget monies what is an artist to do? As we all know record companies are not here to develop artist anymore, they just want the quick money, from the quick single to flip from the quick rapper. But rappers worry not! Take a look at how Drizzy Drake changed the come-up plan for you. Take notes and emulate.

How many rappers can you name that made a buzz as large as Drake without a national album dropping? Look at him, he’s performing on Grammy stages, drinking Sprite, rubbing shoulders with Jay-Z, and coaching along side Magic in the celebrity basketball game. If no one showed you how you don’t necessarily need a record contract to make noise, Drake just did. And it all started from the power of the mix-tape.

Drake did not invent the mix-tape, but I will say that he got the most out of it than any other rapper before him. His mixtape, So Far Gone was released February 13, 2009 with very little buzz. Yeah he had a few forum heads waiting with anticipation, but most people still viewed him as the cat from Nick. Little did everyone know including the forum heads that Drake had dropped possibly the biggest mix-tape of all time. (How many artist do you know receiving two Grammy nominations from a mix-tape?)

One of the joints that got him buzz last year was “Best I Ever Had.” Drake created so much talk from that single that it became the staple¬† radio rap song last summer. The fame he generated was without the help of a label, showing us that if the music is strong you don’t need big heads behind a desk telling you what to say or do. Artist don’t need the same type of support they once needed from record companies anymore. One good thing about downloads is that if you put it out there, people will snatch it up, especially if it is good music. That is the same formula Drake used, get a hot product, provide it for everyone to download and hopefully word of mouth and the internet will help promote and distribute it.¬† A winning plan.

Artist should take a page out of Drake’s book, copy it and place it under their pillow when they sleep at night. You don’t need record companies to help you blow! I repeat you don’t need record companies to help you blow. Work on a great project and use non-traditional methods to get your exposure. Granted, record companies can help with promotion and product placement, but if the music is good enough and you create your own buzz, the results are the same if not greater. Look at Wale, one of the most hyped artist from last year only to get very little support from his label.

Hopefully we will see more artist taking this off-road path to success. In the end everyone will benefit; more monies in the pockets of the artist and better music to the masses. A win-win situation.

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  1. nibmillions   On   February 15, 2010 at 11:29 am

    I thought Drake was signed to Young Money?? Although I haven’t listened to the entire album, I think Drake is all “PreHype”. or the secret love child of Kanye and Amber lol

  2. Danny P. Ocean   On   February 15, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Yeah he is signed to Young Money, but from what I hear it is just P & D deal, Press & Distribute. But when he dropped the mix-tape last year he was unsigned. He got the deal as a result of the mix-tape.

    Kanye & Amber’s love child; good one!

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