Return of the Cool….. Miles Davis

Written by on February 13, 2010

No one who knows what cool is will never say that Miles Davis didn’t ooze of it. Like BIG said he got “techniques cool dripping out his ass-cheeks/ sleep on his stomach so he don’t fuck up the  sheets!” type cool. His style was subtle and well placed, however it didn’t give you the impression that he spent an hour in the mirror trying to prep himself. He had fresh out the box let’s go type cool.

Miles Davis takes us back to a time where men dressed debonair. Miles sported the pinky rings, the ascots,  the button-less blazers, it didn’t matter. Look at the picture above, take notice of the ring and bracelet. Check out the blazer and the fact that it has no pocket or buttons on the sleeve. A classic fresh that doesn’t scream for attention.

Here Miles looks casual, but check out the waistline of his pants. Some other shit. This right here lets us know that his style and ours is on to different levels with his being the superior.

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