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Written by on February 10, 2010

I’m no poetry expert by any means. I’ve come up with a couple clever words on occasion, and enjoy reading the books I’ve had for years. In a recent holiday gift exchange, I received a copy of Jill Scott’s 2005 book, The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours. The young lady told me I should read it and, “make an effort to get in touch with my feminine side”……whatever that means.

The statement meant next to nothing at the time, but after realizing that I only have two other books of poetry on the shelf that feature only female author’s…I bumped it  up on the list of things to read. I won’t offer a full-scale critique, but I will say that the work offered an insightful look at some things I had never,and otherwise would not have tried to see from a woman’s perspective.

I’m sure this is old news to a lot of you Def Poetry Coffehouse Open Mic Slam Jam regulars (no offense intended), but it’s new to me.  I’m one of those men that thinks he has a pretty good working idea of what a REAL woman is. Please don’t confuse that with understanding what goes on in their minds…or even understanding them in general. I gave that up a long time ago for fear of losing what little sense I’ve got. As I read Jill’s work, she confirmed what I thought I already knew. She’s all woman. She’s real, she’s beautiful, comfortable in her skin, and seems to understand the power of being a woman; and she embraces it. Even her poems about hurt and vulnerability were ooozing with power. If for no other reason than the fact that she was brave enough to speak her truth in a very unapologetic and transparent way. Her words are clever, and sexy in a grown…ass…way. One of my favs:

He Says

He says that I’m beautiful

But it’s deeper than brothers

Honkin horns

blowin kisses

Buyin drinks

He says my beauty can be seen even better with his eyes closed


Every now and then

he swears he can touch my beauty but he says

He’s not worthy and he’s glad I can’t see that

He says he likes my style

Feminine with a little rugged

Just enough lady mixed with ghetto chic and urban funk

He says I’m powerful with poetry

The way I use ordinary words and make them sing

He hums my songs

He says he knows me

Favorite number-4

Favorite color-black

Favorite juice-peach

Favorite style-free

He says he loves the way I make love

With my whole self

Imploring, no, demanding he do the same

He says that I constantly make myself new and better

he loves that quality

an I do think that maybe one day possibly

I could spend my life with him

He says he loves me

I say I’m just lucky and I’m glad

he can’t see that

-Jill Scott


I.B. Edubl

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  1. I.B. Edubl   On   February 10, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    I wish I could take the credit. This poem was written by Jill Scott. Feel free to share here @ UML. You can send submissions to us at I don’t know how valuable my opinion is, but if you want it, you got it 🙂 Maybe you’ll let us post some of your stuff!

  2. jinakisweetness   On   February 11, 2010 at 7:24 am

    lovely. just lovely. jill’s songs typically start as poems. i have yet to purchase her written work (i own ALL of her music) but this has “bumped” it up on my list as well. asante sana.

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