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Written by on February 4, 2010


Is The Grass Greener Down Yonder???

I usually wouldn’t tackle a topic like this, I would leave it up to I. B. Edubl. But with all of these rumors surrounding Brangelina I figured what the hell! Danny got a thing or two to say. Is the grass greener over yonder? Let’s take a look at it. We all know the story too well. Brad was in a marriage with Jennifer Aniston, made a movie with Angelina Jolie, fell in love and left Jennifer for Angelina. Got it? Good. Now rumors are circulating that Angelina and Brad have trouble in babyland, and poor Brad wants Jennifer back. Now granted these are Enquirer rumors and we don’t usually partake in such nonsense, but a bigger theme is involved that many men and women fall into.  Is The Grass Greener Over Yonder?

Men and women have fallen into these traps probably back since Adam and Eve ate fruit cocktail  in paradise. We all may have been there at one time or the other; you are in a relationship and something more appealing catches your eye and you are left trying to figure out how can you get a piece of that. Next thing you know you have ended the relationship with your main squeeze to run into the arms of another lover.


Prince– Anotherloverholenyohead

We were brothers and sisters
United all for love
Now all of the sudden (all of the sudden)
You try to fight it (try to fight it)
You say you’ve had enough (say you’ve had enough)
Even though we had big fun (even though we had big fun)
You want another someone (you want another someone)
You happily ever after be (sure as there’s a sun)
Sure as there’s a sun, (I’m gonna be the one)
I’m gonna be the one and if (you don’t understand)
You don’t understand face to face, (face to face)
Baby I’ll tell you down on my knee, yeah

So the question of the hour is, is it worth it? How often do these types of relationships work out for the good? As humans we naturally get a little tired of our goody goods after a while and other goods seem more enjoyable. You know, we get those thoughts like “if I was with her/him my life would be soooooo much better.” But if we are not careful the cycle will continue to dominate our pattern for as long as walk the pastures.

I like to call it a test and many of us fail it every time.  Some people find that “special” someone and cherish the thought of possibilities. But pretty soon another “special” someone crosses their path and the cycle starts all over, and they are on the ex girl to the next girl! Never passing the test,  always feeling the need to chase another one.

So now let’s revisit the Brangelina situation. Now it may be all rubbish. But from every rumor there is usually a lining of truth. And the truth is be careful what you wish for, it just may come true. Brad wanted a life with kids, and supposedly Jen didn’t want them at the time. He just so happened to cross paths with a women who had one and wanted  more children, and plus she looked good! So it seemed like the perfect deal at the time. Now fast forward to the present; Brad has about a half dozen kids  and reports are that he is unhappy.  Word on the street is that Angelina is off with other men and Mr. Pitt is at home trying to come up with an escape plan. But isn’t this what you wanted Brad? You have the kids and a sexy half/wife. Isn’t it what you wanted and asked for? Do you wish you could take the test again? Is the grass greener where you now stand, or is it better down yonder?

What you think Moguls?


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