Save Your Stacks For A Floating City Near You

Written by on February 3, 2010


In the past our fears were of nuclear war taking out humanity by the country-load and if you escaped the bomb, the radiation was sure to get you. The only thing that could save you is a perfectly made “bomb shelter” underground. With the fears of Y2K ten years ago, I stacked my shelter up with Grey Goose Vodka, Jay’s Hot Stuff Potato Chips, some Cubans, and frozen hamburger patties. However, the date came and went and I just threw a party to get rid of the excess.

As of late our attention seems to be focused on natural disaster taking us out, from earthquakes to tsunamis.   Movies such as 2012, featured floating cities where some the lucky people escape to hide from Mother Earth’s cleaning ritual. (Can anyone say Atlantis?) I know many of you may feel that a floating city is an unrealistic possibility, however by the time we see the “future” in movies, science already has something in motion. Floating Cities are as real as MC Ren!

The concept is not new to 2012; floating cities have been imagined as far back as Gulliver’s Travel where Swift envisioned a city that floated above the Earth by the force of magnets. The theory was simple, the higher you go in the air the cleaner the atmosphere is. The city Laputa floated in the air across the face of the Earth depending on the wind currents.

Now let’s fast forward to the future. Many scientist/researchers/engineers have come up with concepts for floating cities. Some have proposed a site off the coast of California, while others have a more Laputian concept where the city will circle the Earth once every 2 years. These cities can house up to 60,000 residents and will provide a hospital, college, shopping centers, and places of worship. Residents can expect to pay anywhere from $121,000 for a 300 square foot room, to $11 million for a 5100 foot suite! In addition these floating cities will provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with new forms of government. Being that these cities will not be in any one country’s jurisdiction it is possible to legalize marijuana or come up with new rules.

So the question is how many of you Moguls would like to partake in living in a floating city?

You can read more about the cities here.

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