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Written by on February 2, 2010

This was supposed to come out on “She-Mogul Wednesday”….but if you are a faithful Mogul, then you already know….Ibedubl is behind schedule 🙁

I always admire Sista’s that go against the grain and embrace their natural beauty. There’s just somethin’ about that well groomed crown that makes me add a few seconds to my glance. JinakiSweetness makes her presence felt at UML on a regular basis. Quiet as kept, we’re trying to get her to share some of that feminine energy on a regular basis….as a contributor.

For those of you that don’t know, JinakiSweetness is SuperFly! She often sports a gorgeous Afro that gets mad positive feedback. So much so…that she decided to share some of her secrets to The Perfect Afro…and UML has the scoop:


The Perfect Afro

This is my first stab at sharing my natural hair care information in a “formal” way. I hope it is helpful. Suggestions are welcome!
Tools: hair dryer with a wide-tooth comb attachment, an Afro pick or wide-tooth comb, 8-10 hair elastics, duck bill or clam clips, shampoo (preferably a natural one without sulfates), conditioner, leave-in conditioner, a moisturizing cream, and extra virgin olive oil (you may add essential oils like lavender or tea tree, per your preference).

A. I am NOT a cosmetologist, this is just how I take care of my hair when I wear a blow-out. Please consult a professional for what works for your texture/length/etc. ☺
B. It is my belief that using natural products (as much as possible), minimal heat exposure and manipulating the hair as little as possible is the way to go for long, healthy natural hair and my suggestions are based on that bias!

1. Part the hair into four sections (essentially a cross in the center of the head). You may use clips or “ouchless” hair elastics
2. In the shower, wash/condition each of the four sections individually.
a. Lather the section and then rinse it. Repeat if you have a lot of build-up, but since you are working with a small section it should be well-cleansed without repeating.
b. Once you rinse out the shampoo work in the conditioner. Using the wide-tooth comb or pick, comb the conditioner through. Once you have worked the conditioner in well, two-strand twist the section. You may want to divide the section into two and then twist (that is, you will have two two-strand twists for each section, resulting in 8 total twists). If your hair is shorter, you may need to use an elastic to secure the section.
c. Complete this for each section.
3. Depending on the directions listed on the conditioner, allow it to sit for 5 to 15 minutes.
a. While the hair is STILL twisted, rinse out the conditioner.
b. Follow-up with a leave-in conditioner. Massage the leave-in into each twist. Be sure to pay special attention to the ends of each twist.
4. After the leave-in has been added, dry your hair.
a. While in the shower, gently squeeze excess water out of your twists.
b. Then, wrap your hair in a towel.
c. Allow the towel to continue to absorb excess water.
5. You are now ready to blow-dry the hair using a wide-tooth comb attachment.
a. Begin by taking down one twist (I generally like to start in the back).
b. Massage a conditioning cream into the section and then comb/pick the section briefly (it should be well detangled from you picking it out in the shower!)
c. Blow-dry the section starting at the roots saving the ends for last (that is, pass the comb through the ends as few times as possible, as the ends are the most fragile and this will help you avoid excess heat damage).
d. Once you finish the “4th” section, oil the section with your olive oil mixture from roots to tip, and then place it in a clip or elastic. (Some desire to braid or twist the section to keep it out of the way while you finish the rest of your hair, and if you leave the braids/twists in overnight you will have more “texture” when you take it down!).
6. You are now ready to fluff and go!
a. Remove the elastic from each section.
b. Use a pick or your fingers to “fluff” the hair into place.

Love and light,


Reader's opinions
  1. jinakisweetness   On   January 22, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    awwww, danny! not ‘Uncle Phil’!! yeah, the half-eaten donut (what i like to call it) is not necessarily the business. 🙂 i agree with Mary J. in that you should “work what you got!” thanks for luv, though!

  2. A.D.   On   February 2, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    OMG! I want your hair girl! It looks gorgeous. So the key to stretchin in out is by blow drying it (but not completly dry) and then twist/braid it overnight an din the morning take it down? But you are truly an inspiration. I’ve been natural for over 5 years and I luv every minute of this journey! Thanks so much for sharing. – A.D.

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