A Letter From A Mogul’s Desk

Written by on January 19, 2010

Peace Moguls,

I would first like to say Happy New Year to you all officially. I don’t recall if I gave you all a personal Happy, so in case I did not this is for you. This year will sure to bring some exciting elements to the Mogul cipher that I am sure many of you will enjoy. From clothing, to new features, new music projects, mo-ga-zines, we will have you covered. If someone knows how to make an iPhone app, holla at us. I am sure we can come up with something for that too!

In the short-term you can begin to look for your favorite features at scheduled times as outlined earlier in our new weekly guide. Just like on tv, you need to know when to expect your favorites, and as always we got you covered. Don’t you worry.

For all you social-networking Moguls, please take the time to join our Facebook page. We have a group page also, but our fan page is connected to our site and gets updated daily. To put it in a nutshell our fan page is our Facebook equivalent of the site, and our group page will be our mailing list.  You can also follow us on Twitter. Like I said earlier, we have you covered.

UML is a community of like-minded individuals who are striving to better ourselves spiritually, socially, mentally, and financially. As we continue to grow I would like to remind you that your contributions are important for the process. We welcome your ideas, feedback, suggestions etc. We would also like to do more features on members of our own community, so if you feel like you can be a Daily Fresh or Cool send us your pics. If you have a work (music, art, poetry, photography, writings) that you would like us to feature  drop it to us at urbanmogullife@gmail.com. We also have spots available for writers and contributors.

In our short time in existence we have made a few moves to create our own space out here in the cyber-universe, and we could not have made them without you. Please continue to support our endeavors and we look forward to the rest of 2010.



Danny Ocean

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