Now That Hip Hop Sales Are Down, What’s Next??????

Written by on December 30, 2009

True hip-hop fans, artist, purist, followers should be rejoicing right now; we are in the middle of a hip-hop recession. Auto-tuning,¬† jeggings (tight jeans) wearing, Xtra medium sweatshirt having rappers are in trouble. It seems like the gig is up! Buyers are no longer snatching up the latest gangster shoot-em up tales by the boatload. True some rap acts are doing good in the face of trouble, Jay-Z and Eminem sit at platinum plus. But chart-toppers such as 50 Cent have seen a drastic drop in record sales. What gives? People can say what they want, but Nas hit the nail on the head a few years back; Hip-Hop is Dead, at least in it’s current form.

So what’s next for a genre of music that is still rather young when compared to the others? A decline in sales pretty much validates the fact that many consumers have grown tired of the same old recycled themes album after album. And to make matters worse the ring-tone single phase didn’t help much either. Our musical culture has been turned into microwavable treats; it provides a quick fix, but it doesn’t stick to the ribs like a good home-cooked meal. A good home-cooked meal will have you coming back for seconds and thirds, while microwave meals tie you over until the next meal goes along.

Like I have said a million times as of late, the Susan Boyle success should light a few Edison bulbs in artist’s minds across the industry. Here is an artist that came from left field and is enjoying success only seen by Taylor Swift this year. She and her team came with their own formula that didn’t need¬† leaks, sex appeal, a Timberland produced single, or girl’s in the club video.

Note to rappers, artist, producers, Moguls, do what you like.

The formula, cookie cutter style you have followed for the last ten years has run its course. The dream is over at least in that sense. Now it is time to go back to the drawing board and get brand-new. Let’s bring it back to the golden-age where the sign on the door read “No biting allowed!” Consumers want so much more, stop catering to the 106 & Park audience, they obviously aren’t buying records like they used to. Hell, I am sure Ms. Boyle gained her sales without much help from them or MTV. I could be wrong, but I just have a strong suspicion.

What you think Moguls? If artist went back to being original would that bring a spark back to rap music?

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