22 Sandwiches By The Roots

Written by on December 16, 2009

Working as the house band on a late night show has to be hard work. Especially when you have other career obligations to fulfill; such as recording albums. But the Legendary Roots Crew finds the time to do both, making them the hardest working band this side of the James Brown and the JB’s.

Since providing the mood music for Jimmy Fallon’s Show, The Roots have created over 1000 joints (sandwiches) for the audiences listening pleasure. These jewelz are played during the commercial breaks for the audience to zone out to. ?uest Love has compiled 22 of them and made an ep. So you know us we like a few waffles to go with our coffee or vitamin water. Now thanks to The Roots, we can have a few sandwiches also.

Tracklist & download after the jump…..

  • Once In A Lifetime
  • Sizuuuuuuuurpin
  • Head Slicer
  • Spain (ft. Chick Corea)
  • The Juice of Chicago
  • Baatin
  • Woman
  • Choir Fire
  • Teen Town
  • Cant Keep Headphones on Head
  • Red Toe Nail Bashing
  • Blinded By The Light (No Douche Here)
  • Caveman for Dennis Quaid
  • Wan Cook Soup
  • Someone Is Late To Dentist Appointment
  • I Get Lifted
  • Werewolf Barmitzvah
  • Like This Anna Torv
  • Breezin (ft. George Benson)
  • EvenzarahlikesTHISone
  • The Suits
  • Usher In That Choir

    (All The Way Live)

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