Is Chris’ Time In The Sun Almost Over???

Written by on December 15, 2009

This weekend your boy Chris Breezy got caught in his feelings and went on a rant about how he is getting blackballed by the industry. He took to Twitter to voice his rage after he apparently went to a Wal-Mart and noticed that his cd was nowhere to be found. Poor Chris:(

I find it hard to feel sorry for a man who cries murder after he puts his hands on a woman. I mean I don’t know if the boy was/is blackballed at all, but did he expect the road back to fame and glory to be smooth? Come on maaaaaaannnnnnn! You laid hands on Ri-Ri!!!

See what he should have done was laid low a little while longer. However someone in his camp told him it was a good idea to not only drop an album this soon, but to have it drop around the same time as Rihanna. Looks like he needs some new advisors in his corner, cause his current think tank ain’t cutting it.

Chris stop crying, get your hustle on and except the hand that’s dealt to you. As an old head would tell you, man up!!

How many of you feel sorry about Chris Brown possibly being blackballed? Is his 15 minutes in the sun over?

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