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Written by on December 3, 2009

What does it mean to say urban culture goes green? Urban is defined as “related to cities”; Urban area: a geographical area distinct from rural areas; Urban culture, the culture of cities. The Urban culture of today proves as one of interesting relevance in the States and Overseas. Music, visual arts, communication, fashion, etc… are heavily influenced and illustrated by the urban lifestyle. Perhaps once categorized in thought as hippy, peace & love, psychedelics, rebellion and rock’n’roll, now might be colored as a collective conscious and a community effort to merge sustainable and eco-friendly living into a standard lifestyle for many cultures to share. And with this common thought comes a forward movement represented by all.
Lets talk fashion real quick. An integral piece to any casual outfit in urban culture would easily be the all important fitted cap. More than a display of support for your favorite team, your hat may actually represent what city you’re from all the way down to the exact neighborhood. Speaking of hats, I guess one could say that urban culture is going green starting from the top. New Era, known for its dominance in hip hop trends as well as the largest lid company in the U.S., collaborated with Broccoli City to host “Project Green: Earth Day Edition” in Atlanta where they showcased their newest line of fitted caps made from recycled cotton. Not sure how much of a blow this will strike for the eco-friendly revolution. So, is this urban going green (for the environment) or green going urban(for the $green$)? Either way, the positive thought is that its “a tip of the hat” in the right direction.

Remember the Wiz?… “Emerald City Sequence”… well that’s not just a classic piece “Seen Green” by Q. For those of who like to step out and enjoy the night… New York has a spot called GreenHouse. The whole club is wind powered 100 % and The club owner uses ‘renewable energy credits’ which is when green power is produced elsewhere in the country to replace the regular energy used by the nightclub. Interesting concept of conserving energy & club scene..… Or if you have the green to cross the water to get your night life on, London has club SURYA. (In Hinduism, Surya: sūrya, lit “the Supreme Light” … had to look that up and its pretty clever of the club owner) There they use some sort of unique dance floor that uses energy from the dancers, making up for a bit of the club’s energy costs. So I’ve read, but it sounds hot in theory. If anyone has been or plans on going, let us know the deal. Truthfully, it would be interesting to know, factually, what impact these trends are having on the cause itself, or is it just another way to capitalize on the greater good. Either way, after a few shots, who’s really counting cans?… (chuckle) … Which brings me to something that both shocked & awed me…. The World’s 1st sustainable vodka… WOW!!! 360 Vodka. Production, packaging and marketing are ecologically friendly by using 85% recycled glass bottle (70% post-consumer waste), 100% recycled paper used for labeling, shipping and marketing, water based inks for all printed material, “Close the Loop” program for returning/recycling bottle closures on site at the distillery, locally grown grain reduces fossil fuels used for transport, and to top it off, the distillery has its own water treatment plant. Going green is becoming a common tactic for production now’a’days, the hope is that this common effort will evolve into a valid and beneficial conscious result. (fingers crossed)

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