The Google Take-Over Is In Full Swing

Written by on November 23, 2009

 So if you haven’t noticed we are in the middle of a take-over, a Google sized take-over. The likes in which we have never seen before; a company that started as a simple search engine has now become larger than life. Institutes onto itself; sort of like McDonalds, Kleenex, Q-Tips, etc, just say the one name and we all know what you are talking about. We now have phones running Google, maps that can show you on your porch chillin’, gps that can follow you as you move from to and fro, and some new email titled Wave, and now a computer operating system.

Google has turned into the big brother of the web. We all ready know that they keep track of all of your searches. Now come, come now. How many of you really feel that Google won’t spy on that also? The OS will probably keep all types of records on the data you view and/or store.

Google is slowly taking over our lives, one step at a time. I hope pretty soon we will have Google toilet paper, to wipe away any streaks we may have left behind!

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