A 2Pac Comedy That Would Have Him Rolling In His Grave?????

Written by on November 11, 2009


I don’t know about you, but this seems lame to me. A comedy improve group is making a musical parody of 2Pac. The Urban Daily reports:

The Upright Citizens Brigade, a renowned comedy Improv group, is making 2Pac: 2Pac: The Musical, which they call a parody jukebox musical that would make 2pac roll over in his grave if he were dead. Here are some Tweets they have been using to promote it.

2pacthemusical: To all the single mothers on welfare. We’ve opened a shelter for you on 26th and 8th ave under Gristedes. You are         appreciated and loved.

2pacthemusical: Tupac is grabbing his glock and heading to UCB tonight @ 930pm

Clip after the break….

Would you go check this out?

Source: The Urban Daily

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