Jay-Z’s Media Takeover

Written by on November 10, 2009


Like it, love it, hate it, or simply don’t care, Jay-Z is the biggest thing since sliced bread! Outside of his tremendous run in music 96-??, he seems to be getting bigger by the second. If you thought his Kingdom Come promotion was insane, what are your thoughts about the BP3 takeover? While rapper’s budgets are getting cut like fades, companies are investing more and more cheese in ya boy Hov.

Jay has been everywhere since late Aug; Oprah’s mag and show, World Series, Award shows, commercials, cable channel concerts, internet buzz (free, thanks to Beans, Game, Buddens, 50 Cent, Lil (whoever), oversees TV, baptisms, whatever. And to make em all even madder, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down! He has already dropped 3 videos for the BP3, and it is rumored he has at least one more  for us. This just doesn’t happen in 2009. We are in the middle of a recession aren’t we?

Jay-Z has simply laid down the Blueprint for rappers young and old. He seemed to have taken the hustler spirit and upgraded it for the next one. Think about it while other recording artist are complaining about sales and sitting there waiting for a company to push their album; Jay-Z is putting in work. His concert dates in one month is more than some artist do in a lifetime! He on the road like Michael during the Dangerous tour.Which basically, in the end brings in more money and records sold.

The success of The Blueprint 3 is highly credited to the marketing campaign behind it and to Jay-Z’s loyal fan base. Despite the album being leaked on the internet prior to its official release, The Blueprint 3 sold 476,000 copies in its first week of sales. The achievement help Jay-Z pass Elvis Presley to become the second artist with more No.1 albums in the 50 year history of the Billboard 200. The second week of sales resulted in 301,000 copies being sold dominating the Billboard #1 spot for two weeks straight. A month and a half later, Mr. Carter goes platinum selling nearly 1.3 million copies. (Woooha) Read more here.

Don’t know what to say haters, other than you “Can’t Knock The Hustle!” He told y’all back in 96! There is a lot more to rap these days than the music. “You can bullS@#t with rap if you want!”

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