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Written by on November 5, 2009


With rapper T.I. serving time behind bars, it looks a little vacant in the camp of Grand Hustle as it relates to who will be taking charge of the label and keep the music moving while the King is away.

With new artists such as Yung L.A. hopping to the label and veterans such as Mike Bigga and B.G. associating themselves with T.I.’s camp, some have come to wonder what happened to the original artists and when they will pop back into the spotlight.

Since dropping his debut, Best Thang Smokin in 2006, Young Dro has refused to remain silent in the music industry.  Dropping countless mixtapes consistently, the rapper can finally make his return to the forefront with the release of his second official album P.O.L.O. (Players Only Live Once).

Initially due out around December the album was forced to deal with the routine pushback and is now slated for January.

Dro actually noted that the whole album leaked in the form of the “mixtape” Lo Life, which dropped back in early August.  It was more than evident that it was time to go back to the drawing board, especially if an actual was dubbed as a mixtape.

The rapper recently appeared in the video for Mike Epps’ single, Aint Chu You alongside Dorrough and also dropped the single “Take Off” along with the visual for “I Don’t Know Ya’ll”.

Speaking with Southernsmoketv, Dro spoke on his motivation for his latest mixtape, R.I.P, and how he made sure that he took some time out to eat a little bit on the records.

“I went on the thought that some of these beats are just sitting around, so let’s see if I can dine on them.  I had lunch.”

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